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In a competitive world you need a competitive strategy in order to develop your business in the international market. Through a membership you would be able to ride the sales of your product and have a partner that represent the quality and values of your enterprise in the european and south american market. We are looking  for growers, doers, entrepreneurs, fair traders, cooperatives and associations that have potential and open mind for change in order to improve their organizations according to the trends of the market and the world impact necessities. Click here to meet the requirements.


We promote the sharing book activity and celebrate that reading is one of the best habits the humanity could have. In that sense, buboomer is the best app you could use to find a nice place for your books that have no more space in your shelf and they will be yours for ever, you just need to have them in your favorite cafeteria. Also you could send them to a cafeteria in another city, town or community who could read them while you go to find them.       



There are a lot of initiatives around the world that could be replied in different cities and countries with the same necessities. Here you could find partners to replicate your initiative in other parts of the world


Women all over the world are leading business and have some gender barriers  with whom we will work together in order to cross them until get into the international market. We are managing behind the vision WE for SHE and close the gap between gender disparity in the professional environment. Click here in order to meet the requirements and benefits.

young leaders association


Youngs are disapointed of the same corruptive behavior of the current political class. This association is looking to have a seat in the presidential palace and the congress to make our voices being heard and make a difference.



We promote the participation of the civil society as SDG advocates. They will lead the implementation of the suggested solutions in their enviroment and impact area. We work with young and children inside kindergardens, schools and universities. Also with the district, city and country authorities.